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How does the Courier service work?



What is it? 

The courier service will use the Libraryís Toyota RAV to deliver requested items from the Libraryís collections.  It may also be used to deliver returns to the Library.

Where does it go?  Times? 

The RAV makes two stops every Tuesday.

Delivery Times: ††††††††† 11:15 -12:30 McAuley Center, located on Highway 7 past the west gate of Hot Springs Village

2:15 - 3:00†††† Country Walk Plaza, located at the intersection of Airport Rd. and North Moore Rd.

Whatís on it? 

The RAV will deliver holds and requests.  There will not be a browsing collection.

Can I pay a fine at the courierís stops? 

Yes.  The courier will carry a very small amount of change in a cash box.

Can I get a library card at the courierís stops? 

No, you must go to the Library to obtain a card.

Can requests be phoned in?  Whatís the difference between a request and a hold? 

Requests and holds can be phoned in.  Requests may also be placed by using our web site. A request can be placed on items already loaned out.  A hold is generated when a patron asks for an item located on the Libraryís shelves and not checked out. Holds must be made by phone.

Who pulls holds?   What does that entail? 

Any Library staff member taking the phone call will be responsible for going to the shelves and picking out the item.  They will first check to make sure the requesting party has a valid card in good standing.  Then, the employee will go to the appropriate collection, retrieve the requested title, and let the patron know that the item is in hand and will be placed for courier delivery.

How many requests can be made at one time?  

The current limit for holds is 3.  Requests are limited to 10.

Will the items be checked out in the Library or on the RAV? 

The driver will check out the items to the patron before leaving the Library for that dayís delivery run.  The driver, upon checking out the items, will obtain a computer generated printout of those items. If there is a block for overdue materials or other problems, that will be printed out as well.  The patron will then be able to pick up the requested items at the RAV upon presentation of an ID matching the name of the requesting party following our existing policies.  The party picking up the items must sign this printout acknowledging pickup.

What if I am unable to pick up my requested materials? 

Any unclaimed materials will be immediatelssy checked in when the courier returns to the library. If you wish to renew your request, you must call the library or re-place the request online.

Where do items have to be returned? 

Items may be returned to the RAV or the Library.

Call 501-623-4161 or 501-922-4483 for more information or to inquire about the Books-by-Mail program.